Supplier Diversity

The Richwell Group has experience at all levels and roles of the supplier diversity business initiative. Whether you are a company looking to establish a program or get an existing program to the next level, we can help.

If you are a diversity-owned or small business, we can help you leverage the certification you have worked so hard to get to gain optimum financial returns now and for the future.

We work with and on behalf of business owners who are:
• Minority (Aboriginal, African-American, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American)
• Small
• Service Disabled Veteran
• Veteran
• Woman


Eighty-three of the Fortune 100 companies have supplier diversity commitments on their websites. They are actively seeking diverse suppliers (Tier 1) and suppliers who do the same (Tier 2). Many RFPs now have a section dedicated to supplier diversity. How does your company measure up? Are you wondering if your company is ready to implement a program? Have you tried to kick one off and been disappointed in the results? Do you have a program that has plateaued? Worse, are your results starting to go in the wrong direction? The Richwell Group can help with implementation of a new strategy or jump-start your existing one. We have years of experience in getting the returns and providing the measurements that your executive management and your customers will appreciate. Let’s talk.


You’ve worked hard to get your company certified but now you aren’t sure how or where to spend that. There is a lot of help available from the certifying bodies and companies who have well developed supplier diversity programs. But maybe you are looking for something extra, something that helps your company with its overall strategy, something specific to your company needs.

The Richwell Group can help you position your company in your industry space, not just as the best diverse-owned solution, as the best solution. Let’s have a conversation. And don’t forget to ask about the special rate for certified companies.