Strategic Sourcing

Indirect spend represents 25% to 90% of your total accounts payable depending upon your business type. It can also represent 15, 25 or even 50 different category types and the majority of your tail spend (the 20% of typically unmanaged spend).

The most robust sourcing group would be hard pressed to have expertise in all of the areas indirect spend represents. The Richwell Group can provide that expertise. Here are just a few of the categories we work with:

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Business Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Contingent Staffing
  • Facilities
  • Financial Services, including Tax, Audit and Asset Management
  • Fleet Acquisition and Administration
  • Fuel
  • Human Resources
  • IT, including Capital, Services, and Software
  • Legal Services
  • Logistics
  • Marketing, including Social Media Services
  • MRO
  • Print
  • Professional Services
  • Risk Management
  • Safety
  • Telecommunications
  • Training
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Treasury
  • Utilities

From spend analytics through solution implementation and supplier relationship management, The Richwell Group has the experience to help optimize your spend.



Whether you are addressing your indirect spend with an overall strategy or a single category at a time, The Richwell Group can help increase your savings and satisfaction with the solution.

We take a total cost approach so you don’t end up with savings on paper from a solution your company can’t live with. We understand the moving parts of the supply chain and the need for measurable results. A good solution begins rather than ends with contract signing. We provide what you need to keep the solution paying returns after we leave. Let’s talk.


Running a small business is hard enough without worrying about the day-to-day expenses that keep things running smoothly. However, that indirect spend will grow as your business grows, leaving more and more money on the table and less in your pockets. The Richwell Group can help you increase your return on dollars spent today and position your company for the next level. It’s what we do in a host of different ways. As just one example of that: we can ensure that your contracts are up to date and have the coverage your business needs to mitigate risk. We also know what is a fair ask when you are negotiating that big contract.Let’s discuss how we can help. And don’t forget to ask about the special rate for certified companies.