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The Missing Business Strategy

Most agree that options, choices, and diversity are a good thing. No financial advisor ever suggested a portfolio of a single stock. We all love having 31 flavors to select from at the ice cream counter. So why is it so hard to see that a diverse supply chain is a necessary business strategy? The connection between diversity and profitability has been shown time and again. Research from McKinsey, Deloitte, and Harvard Business Review show that with diversity, companies make more money. Yet, many struggle to build the business case at their companies.

Whether your organization is B2B, B2C or a combination, if supplier diversity is a missing business strategy at your company, you are leaving money on the table. Find out how to get it back.


“Every supplier diversity team member needs to read this book today in order to be prepared for the C-Suite conversation. C-Suite, Backstage Pass clearly defines supplier diversity as a sound business imperative/strategy to grow and scale businesses across the enterprise. Jamie Crump and her sense of humor has the keen ability to have a difficult but serious conversation in America today. Confused about the cast members within Supplier Diversity? Backstage Pass clearly defines each members role and how they interact in order to make the program successful.”

– Mark David Gibson 

“5 STARS! This straight forward book gives you the real and raw truth about what’s needed for success when creating a world class Supplier Diversity Strategy. Jamie unique perspective, real life experiences and humorous remarks makes for an interesting read. Backstage Pass is your playbook for winning and handling the key challenges in the space of Supplier Diversity. There is so much content and lessons to be learned. It’s absolutely superb! I highly recommend this book. Well done Jamie.”

– Melissa Simmons

“Whether you are having trouble navigating passage through supplier diversity channels or setting up your strategy to address supply chain engagement, Backstage Pass should be at the top of your list of source material. I found the book to be insightful, honest, educational, and the author clearly has a wealth of knowledge regarding supplier diversity relationships.”

– Ron Benman
President and Owner of Hovair Systems MFG. inc.